Other products

Nomenclature of Manufactured Products
Product name  Items 
Machined forged pieces  In accordance with the customer’s drawings
Metallurgical tools and jigs Steel continuous casting plant rollers, block molds, mandrels, die tooling and others 
Long-length mandrels of pipe mills  Shank ends, working parts, drift-pin
Products for mining engineering  Spare parts and consumables for walking excavators and mining excavators, crushing and milling equipment, rollers of roller rings, wrench spanners and others 
Products for power engineering  Rotor shafts, step-shaped shafts, rail track for  hydraulic structures, T-pieces of pipeline valves, body parts for gas pumping units made of stainless and heat-resistant steel grades
Products for  atomic power engineering  Plugs of high-power channel-type reactors, leak-tight doors for nuclear industry, T-pieces of pipeline valves, workpieces of shafts and bodies in accordance with the customer’s drawings and others 
Own-produced industrial gases  Oxygen, nitrogen, argon 
Nonstandard equipment In accordance with the customer’s drawings 
Steel structures  In accordance with the customer’s drawings 
Production of  mechanical rubber goods Rings, bushings, sleeves and others 

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