Lightweight power tong KMTO



The item is designed to torque and release thread connections at the drill pipes and tubing when performing pipe tripping during well drilling and repair.

Technical performances
Normative documents Technical Specifications TU 3668-029-48416997-2005
Maximum torque, kN-m (kgf-m) 5,9 (600)
Maximum allowable force at the lever end, kN (kgf) 8,8 (900)
Nominal diameter of spined up and spined out pipes
(tool joints), mm
60, 73, 89, 102
Weight with Ø 60 anvils, kg 34
Overall dimensions, mm 800х230х740
Delivery scope, set

- Ø 60 mm anvil, 3 pieces (in a tong)
- Ø 73 mm anvil, 3 pieces
- Ø 89 mm anvil, 3 pieces
- Ø 102 mm anvil, 3 pieces

Life time, years 3
Operation In frigid and frigid-moderate climatic areas
as per GOST 15150-69 at temperature
from - 40 to +40 °С

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