Power tong KMT-M



The item is designed to torque and release thread connections at the drill, casing pipes and tubing when performing pipe tripping during well drilling and repair. They are characterized by almost ideal combination of load capability throughout entire clamp range, of compact dimensions, low weight, and reliability. Optimal solution for well repairing companies.

Technical performances
Normative documents Technical Specifications TU 3668-030-48416997-2005 
Maximum torque, kN-m (kgf-m) 34,3 (3 500)
Allowable force at the lever end, kN (kgf) 49 (5 000)
Nominal diameter of spined up and spined out pipes
(tool joints), mm
40 – 271
Weight of item completed with jaw 60-114 with hanger, kg  78
Weight with replacement part kit with hanger, kg 106,6
Overall dimensions, mm 1 000х430х1 070
Delivery scope, set

Replaceable jaw 60-114
Possible packaging:
- Replaceable jaw 40-85;
- Replaceable jaw 114-166;
- Replaceable jaw 245-271;
- Replaceable jaw 168-198 (custom order);
- Replaceable jaw 194-219 (custom order);
- Replaceable jaw 216-245 (custom order);
- Spring;
- Anvil

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