Semifinished products

  • There are more than 200 steel grades including stainless steel and heat resistant steel.
  • The unique properties are obtained by use of  electroslag remelting. 
  • The unique properties are obtained by use of  electroslag remelting. 
  • There are three standard sizes for continuously cast workpieces.
  • Forging bloom of 450х540 is the analogue of the ingot.  
  • Bloom of 270х370 is the alternative to the ingot with high utilization.
Dimension, mm 270х370, 380х380, 450х540
Length, mm up to 5 500 mm
Technical requirements to range of dimensions РГ 232-2005ТУ
Forging Ingots
Ingot weight, t 4,9; 6,0; 7,3; 9,3; 11,5; 16,0; 17,8
Height of ingot body, mm 1 588 – 2 260
Height of exterior part of ingot, mm  245 – 500
Diameter D, mm 708 – 1 120
Diameter d, mm 564 – 950
Technical requirements to range of dimensions TU 0883-229-53504410-2004

Forging ingots are cast by method of bottom pouring.

Electroflux Ingots
Ingot weight, t 0,8 – 9,8
Height of ingot body, mm 840 – 2 920
Diameter D, mm 410 – 930
Diameter d, mm 356 – 902
Technical requirements to range of dimensions TU 3 РГ 72-2006
Thickness, mm 170; 175
Width, mm 630; 1 020
Length, mm up to 5 200

Delivery of semi-finished goods standard sizes is possible.

Nomenclature of Steel Grades
Steel type Steel grades as per RF standards Steel grades as per foreign standards
Construction carbon steel 10-70, ОС, 22К-Ш and others СК15, СК22, СК35, СК45, СК60, St52.3, Rst 37.2, 080М40, 070М20, А350LF, С10G and others
Construction low-alloyed  steel 09Г2С, 10ХСНД, 15ГС, 65Г, Э76 and others 42CrMoV4, 21CrMo10, 21CrMo10V4, 20MnCrS5, 16MnCrS5, 18СDV4 and others
Construction alloyed steel 40Х, 20Г, 30ХГСА, 30ХМА, 38ХМ, 40ХМФА, 40ХГМА, 38ХГН, 12Х1МФ, 15Х1М1Ф, 24ХМ1Ф, 25Х1МФ, 25Х2М1Ф, 40ХН, 40ХН2МА, 38Х2Н2МА, 38ХН3МА, 38ХН3МФА, 34ХН1М, 34ХН3МА, 38ХС, 12ХН3А, 12Х2Н4А, 15Х2НМФ-Ш, ШХ15, АБ2-ПК, 14Х2ГМР and others
Tool steel 9Х1, 5ХНВС, 6ХВ2С, 4Х5МФ1С-Ш, 5ХНМ, У8A and others
Stainless steel 08-12Х18Н10Т, 20Х13, 40Х13, 14Х17Н2 and others
Heat resistant and heat-proof steel ЭП 609-Ш, ЭИ 961-Ш, ЭП 517-Ш and others

Ingots and blooms are designed for further rolling on section rolling mills or processing on press-forging equipment. 

Slabs are designed for rolling into light-gauge and thick-gauge sheets.

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