Steel Casting

  • Closed cycle production. 
  • Shipment in small batches is possible.
  • Own patternmaking.
  • Production of castings from stainless and heat-resistant steel grades.
Nomenclature of the Main Products and Castings
Product  Description
Spare parts for dredgers  Balers, lips, half-bushings, assembled upper excavating drums, lower excavating drums and others 
Bodies for  christmas trees Sasing heads, T-pieces and others 
Spare parts for tower cranes Capel, hooping,  wedge and others 
Spare parts, consumables  Sets of milling sections for mills, linings, pallets, crushing plates and others
Other products  Rail track for  hydraulic structures, bodies and covers of reducing gears and others 
Characteristics of Castings
Name Large-sized casting Precision casting
Casting type Casting into sand molds from cold hardening mixtures and quick-set mixtures Casting into sand molds from cold hardening mixtures and quick-set mixtures, consumable pattern casting 
Steel grade  15Л-35Л, 08ГДНФЛ, 12ДН2ФЛ, 12ДХН1МФЛ, 30ХНМЛ, 35НГМЛ, 110Г13Л, 40Х24Н12СЛ8, 35ХМЛ, 20ХГСЛ, 80Г13Л, 30ХМЛ, 20Х18Н4Г5ДЛ 20Л, 25Л, 35Л-45Л, 40ХЛ, 20Х13Л, 35ХМЛ, 10Х18Н9ТЛ, 40Х24Н12СЛ, 110Г13Л, 08ГДНФЛ, 12ДН2ФЛ, 12ДН3МФЛ, 10ХН3МДЛ
Casting groups  I-III GOST 977-88
Точность отливок 12-13 ГОСТ Р 53464-2009 ЛВМ: 9 – 10, ХТС: 11 – 13
Maximum dimensions  up to 2 000 mm in diameter consumable pattern casting: not more than 460х460;
cold hardening mixture: 800х400
Casting weight  up to 3 500 kg consumable pattern casting: not more than 20 kg;
cold hardening mixture: not more than  50 kg  

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