Sucker-rods with scratchers centralizers



The rods are used for oil production by sucker-rod reciprocating-type and screw-type pumps.

Advantages of sucker-rods fitted with scratchers and centralizers:

  • Protection of tubing, rods and rod collars from increased wear.
  • Cleaning of sucker-rods and tubing from asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposits.
  • Rod centering in the well.

Specifications of Centralizers
Normative documents TU 3665-020-48416997-2003
Design types- fixed scratchalizers
- floating scratchalizers
- centralizers for screw-type pumps
- inter-collar centralizers for screw-type pumps
Material Heavy duty glass filled polyamide
Corrosion resistance In any formation conditions including media with hydrogen sulfide and with temperature up to +110 °С

Friction coefficient:

- static

- dynamic

Shear strength of fitting, tn 2... 2.2
Scratcher compression strength, tn 8.8... 12.7

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