Rod rotator


Штанговращатель ШЧ 8000.jpg

Rod rotators turn sucker rod string during sucker rod pump running. Rotating ensures more uniform wear of the rods, couplings and plungers as well as continuous cleaning inside tubing by scratchers fastened at rod.

ShCh 8000

Normative documents TU 3665-260-07500243-2010
Maximum load-lifting capacity, kN (tf) 80 (8)
Maximum allowable axial load, kg 8 000
Overall dimensions, mm 226х246х155
Weight, kg 14

Sh 81-170

Normative documentsTU 3665-260-07500243-2010
Maximum axial load at rotary mechanism table, kN (tf) 80 (8)
Operating handle stroke, degree 90
Rotation angle of a rotary mechanism table per operating handle stroke, degree, at:
– Z=37 of a ratchet wheel
– Z=29 of a ratchet wheel

Maximum overall dimensions of rotary mechanism (with a handle in the horizontal), mm: 230х155х312
Rotary mechanism weight, kg 17
At rope length L: Safety balance clamp weight, kg  Maximum rod rotator weight, kg
3 090 2.1 19.2
4 920 2.3 19.4
7 660 2.6 19.7
Minimum operation life, years 3

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