At various times “Motovilikhinskie zavody” produced high-speed weapons with gun-carriages for the garrison & naval artilleries, the fieldpieces & air defense artillery – type weapons, multiple-launch rocket systems

Enterprise has the unique design and engineering school that allows till today to be among leaders at this industry. Thereby all saved up information is realized not only at designing and manufacturing of the foreground developments, but during upgrading and modernization of weaponry produced earlier also.

There are a lot of modernization programs on "Motovilikhinskie Zavody” PJSC today, engaged the most effective and widespread systems in the world manufactured on Perm’s Enterprise.

Enterprise gathered the huge experience owing to the highly-qualified specialists at the alignment, adjustment, repair and service of the high & average complexity weaponry and military equipment in the maintaining organizations conditions (troop unit) as on territory of Russia, or beyond its limits.

Today the “military" direction of “Motovilikhinskie zavody” includes a production of up-to-date samples of the cannon artillery weapon and the multiple-launch rocket systems. The most famous names of military equipment are the self-propelled artillery weapon "Vena" and the multiple-launch rocket system "Smerch", which were developed and produced on "Motovilikhinskie zavody"; they became a symbol of the Russian Military Industrial Complex achievements today.

Production facilities “Motovilikhinckie zavody” allows to guarantee the highest quality of military production, starting from special steel grades production and finishing by the series assembly, which having no analogues in the engineering world.

So the metallurgical base of Enterprise permits to melt the very-high-purity chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel. Radial forging machine provides the blank gun tube blank with necessary geometrical parameters, including the muzzle forming during blacksmithing process. Annealing process conditions in special furnaces allow reaching the necessary metal structure in blank gun tubes. Prescribed mechanical properties are achieved due to use of the thermal densification. It permits to maintain products in a wide range of temperatures.

High-precision mechanical processing technology of gun tubes has in basis some methods of the active geometrical parameters control (such as the wall thickness deviation, straightforwardness of channels and stress-deformed conditions of blank gun tube) on all technological process stages.

Processing of gun tubes and other details of artillery equipment (such as breech-rings, cottars, cylinders, etc.) is produced on the specialized high-efficiency and high-precise equipment which is connected into uniform product lines and automated complexes. It permits to produce the gun tube with caliber from 45 mm till 240 mm and with length up to 10 m.

Production is subjected of strict inspection on all stages from metal melting till final acceptance. The sequence of all operations accordingly the prescribed technology and precisely developed quality system is constantly checked. Completely automated laboratories for carrying out of special inspection of parameters and characteristics of gun tubes, breech-rings, cylinders, cottars and other artillery equipment provide the artillery systems quality conformity to requirements of world standards.

Motovilikhinskie Zavody PJSC is active participant of the Weaponry World Market. Enterprise monitors the basic trends and operatively reacts on market development, on features and on firing tactics of battlefield engagements at modern conditions. There is an interest to engineering technique of “Motovilikhinskie Zavody” from countries of all parts of the World.

Today it is possible assert with confidence that defense production of "Motovilikhinskie Zavody” has passed through great number of local wars and interstates conflicts in tens countries of the world at various climatic zones; and production has proved its high combat characteristics in real fighting conditions and has approved itself as reliable user-friendly engineering technique and simple to operate.