Manufacturing the equipment for oilfield companies is one of key machine building activities of Motovilikhinskie Zavody holding. A wide range of drill collars and kellies, sucker-rods, component parts are manufactured at the production facilities, which amount to the most cutting-edge ones in Russia and the CIS today according both to the technologies in use and to the machinery fleet.

Radial forging machine SXP-55 (Austria) is the key production element of drill collars. 4-die plant makes  200 blows per minute with the force of 1000 t per one die. Under these conditions the maximum weight of machined ingots makes up 5.5 tons. The facility also includes hot saw, forging annealing furnace, straightening press, machining plants (turning, drilling-and-boring, and deep hole boring).

Production of sucker-rods and couplings for them is a unique complex of process equipment. For instance, forming of rod heads is being made at automated “ETCHELLS” line (Great Britain) with the function of automatic control of heating temperature and workpieces` straightness. Further heat treatment of formed workpieces is being carried out in through-type furnaces “SURFACE COMBUSTION” (USA) guaranteeing required strength performance and high straightness values. Shot peening of rods` surface is being carried out in machine ESG-DL-XS3836 based on process mode specially developed by Wheelabrator Allevard. Machining of rods` ends and thread rolling are being made in “STEZI” (Germany) complex according to the breakthrough technology "fixture – moving tool". Japanese automated equipment “AKUMA” is being used to manufacture couplings for the rods. The high level of automation in rod production allows to keep human factor influence to a minimum and to guarantee high quality of “Motovilikha” products.

Mechanical assembly production of the equipment for well workover, equipment for NPP and lifting equipment consists of machinery equipment (planning and milling, planning, horizontal boring machines), sandblasting chamber, welding area etc.

The enterprise constantly develops its production facilities based on researches carried out with the involvement of the leading scientific institutes and partners of Motovilikhinskie Zavody – petroleum companies that are the end consumers of the products.

By that drilling pipes, sucker-rods are the main products of oil-field activity of Motovilikhinskiye Zavody and they have not only GOST certificates. Their excellent quality is confirmed by world   recognized API standard.system.